Our Approach

FishVeg enables others to fulfil local and global demands for vital aga FishVeg enables others to fulfil local and global demands for vital agricultural goods. 

FishVeg emerged from the collaboration of a multifaceted team comprising farmers, engineers, scientists, designers, and business professionals united in their goal to construct an enduringly sustainable technological food ecosystem. Our mission is to revolutionise the agriculture industry by harnessing state-of-the-art indoor farming technologies, aquaculture, HVAC, lighting technologies and growing techniques.

FishVeg enables others to fulfil local and global demands for vital agricultural goods. Leveraging the expertise of our controlled environment agriculture (CEA) specialists and our cutting-edge technology, we deliver unparalleled value. At FishVeg, we are setting the benchmark for indoor vertical farming and horticulture lighting, simplifying intricate challenges to offer straightforward solutions.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at FishVeg is to revolutionise agriculture by implementing state-of-the-art vertical farming systems. We are dedicated to:

Vision Statement:

Empowering Sustainable Futures

At FishVeg, we envision a future where agriculture harmonises with nature. Our vision is to lead the transformation of traditional farming methods by providing scalable, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions through vertical farming. We strive to be the global standard-bearer for sustainable agriculture, contributing to a world where communities thrive harmoniously with the environment.

Our Core Values:

Why have we built a state-of-the-art farm?

“Using only 2,160m2 of building space we have created over 21 acres of growing space to cultivate high-value crops and shushi grade fish for the UK market. We also have R&D facilities that can be accessed by clients and partners wishing to develop a new growth method”

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At FishVeg, we’re revolutionising the way agriculture operates. As a leading grower and technology services provider, we’re committed to driving innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the agricultural sector.