Sustainability, Agritech & Business Pathway – Karl Ahmed

Sustainability is a crucial aspect of the world. To achieve better living conditions on the earth, sustainability is crucial. Nowadays, many business segments adhere to the sustainability viewpoint for a wider vision. One of such sustainability-friendly companies we came across is Fishveg, an Agritech business focused towards sustainability. According to the CEO of Fishveg, Karl […]

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Its a hard life being a farmer… Date: June 2023  Fishveg gets endorsement and approval from one of the largest councils in the UK. Fishveg is an AgriTech business that aims to create ‘commercial growing’ knowhow that can be scaled and replicated under license to any site. ‘We have created 4 controlled growing environments that […]

At FishVeg, we’re revolutionising the way agriculture operates. As a leading grower and technology services provider, we’re committed to driving innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the agricultural sector.