Its a hard life being a farmer…

Date: June 2023 

Fishveg gets endorsement and approval from one of the largest councils in the UK.

Fishveg is an AgriTech business that aims to create ‘commercial growing’ knowhow that can be scaled and replicated under license to any site. ‘We have created 4 controlled growing environments that can be used to grow non-UK fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and fish produce all year round.

Serial entrepreneur Karl Ahmed, finally achieved his long battle to start his new AgriTech business in green belt. The team grappeled with ‘Green Belt’ policies enforced by the government to stem the expansion of housing, however the policies also threw obstacles in front of a sustainable, ethical farming businesses.

The Fishveg team were thrilled to get final planning after submitting over 35 unwarranted expensive detailed consultants reports and defending many neighbour objections! ‘The site was too small to carry out traditional farming and the council who were supportive, however they had to address some of the neighbours concerns anger. Our team had to provide additional evidence at more cost and this sort of vindicates our project to be of value and aid food security in the UK’ commented Karl.

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