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FishVeg was created after years of testing and growing crops without soil; it has developed a hybrid of existing platforms such as Hydroponics, Aquaculture, and Microgreens will launch a sustainable blueprint to feed the local communities.

Revolutionising Agriculture Through Innovation

At FishVeg, we aim to revolutionise agriculture through innovation and sustainability. Our unique approach combines traditional farming practices with cutting-edge technology solutions to address the challenges facing growers and entrepreneurs today. By investing in FishVeg, you’re not just supporting a company – you’re investing in the future of farming.

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With your support, you can help us grow this innovative and environmentally-friendly farming technique. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to the possibility of working together in 2024, lets take a bite out of the CO2 cloud one harvest at a time

Senior Team

Karl Ahmed

Founder & CEO

Dr Richard McAdams

Chief Science Officer

Drew Hopkins

Chief Grower

Antonia Durisch

E.S.G Lead

Tom Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer

Peter Kudera

MENA Ambassador

In Selection Process

Chief Financial Officer


Samuel Olegnowicz

Agro Science Manager

Dinesh Patil

Product Manager

Serena Ahmed

Client Relationship Specialist

Zef Ahmed

Marketing Manager

Michael Cooper

Digital Delivery Manager

In progress

Production Manager

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At FishVeg, we’re revolutionising the way agriculture operates. As a leading grower and technology services provider, we’re committed to driving innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the agricultural sector.