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FishVeg was created after years of testing and growing crops without soil; it has developed a hybrid of existing platforms such as Hydroponics, Aquaculture, and
Microgreens will launch a sustainable blueprint to feed the local communities.


Micro-greens, also known as micro herbs or micro leaves, are the young seedlings of leafy herbs and plants that are typically allowed to reach full maturity before harvesting.

The cultivation process for micro-greens is uniform: seeds are planted in compost and positioned under light. Due to their miniature size, they can be cultivated year-round. These delicate greens can sprout in special containers, ready for harvest within one to two weeks of planting.

To maintain a consistent supply of micro-greens, seeds are sown successively every day. This ensures a continuous rotation of fresh leaves, ready for harvesting as soon as the previous batch is shipped. These tiny greens are often prepared for picking just a few days after germination, offering a concentrated burst of flavour akin to their fully mature counterparts. Incorporating micro-greens into your favourite dishes adds a vibrant and intense taste experience.

FishVeg enables others to fulfil local and global demands for vital agricultural goods. Leveraging the expertise of our controlled environment agriculture (CEA) specialists and our cutting-edge technology, we deliver unparalleled value. At FishVeg, we are setting the benchmark for indoor vertical farming and horticulture lighting, simplifying intricate challenges to offer straightforward solutions.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy greens are among the most popular crops cultivated due to their space-efficient nature, short growth cycles, and suitability for hydroponic systems like ebb and flow. Varieties like lettuce, kale, basil, and Pak choi thrive in our environments. Other smaller fruiting crops, such as chillies, can be successfully cultivated to maturity; we have achieved consistent yields of chillies over the past years.

Vertical farming offers significant advantages for such crops, including year-round production independent of weather conditions. This ensures a steady supply of high-quality starter plants while reducing dependence on imported produce.


Vertical Aquaponics is the process of growing fish and plants by circulating water with fish waste to plants placed above the tank through a pump. Wild fish have been exploited for generations, and estimates suggest that the annual catch of edible marine protein has already passed its peak in how we harvest the world`s resources today. Almost any freshwater species can be bred using our systems; we will focus on the premium species.


Having existed since ancient civilisations, mushrooms remain a subject of ongoing study and utilisation in modern times. Throughout history, humans have harnessed their versatility for culinary delights such as bread, cheese, and beer. Additionally, mushrooms have contributed significantly to medical advancements, with their medicinal properties aiding in the development of life-saving treatments, potentially saving countless lives.

Vine-based Vegetables

While fruits and vines can also be grown, the process presents additional challenges, particularly concerning plant height. Starter plants like tomatoes and strawberries are commonly nurtured carefully, benefiting from optimised nutrient delivery and growth conditions. Once established, some starter crops are transitioned to traditional greenhouse-type farming to continue their growth.

“Food Security is a priority for all countries, FishVeg has created a sustainable food growing system that can be replicated in any environment with little cost. Growing locally saves many thousands CO2t emissions created by importing and delivers fresh crops and fish all year round”

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